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Semantic Analysis of Sign Language During Translation from Text to KSL

EasyChair Preprint no. 8168

8 pagesDate: June 1, 2022


The article touches upon the topic of the semantics of the Kazakh sign language and its features. Semantics is a branch of linguistics that studies the meaning of expression and combination of signs. The author raises the question of how similar is verbal language with sign language and how they are differ from each other. Because, as everyone knows, words appeared when ancient people, showing some objects, imitated sounds. The main content of the research is the analysis of the properties of the parts of speech of the Kazakh language in SL, the rules for translating verbs and adverbs of time. Due to the fact that in sign language all words are used in the initial form there is necessary to know the order of words in a sentence, because sign language is a separate science for research. The sign language is a multimodal instrument of communication in which the speaker's body, head, gestures and facial expression play an important role. In this work, the formulas for translating from text into sign language are given in detail, and the subject-object-predicate is taken as the basis. As well as examples showing the relationship of subject-object relations - this is the designation of who the speaker is, the “object” or “subject” of the statement. But it is worth understanding correctly that it is still necessary first of all to know the meaning of the sentence, here, as in the verbal language, there are a lot of exceptions that still require further research.

Keyphrases: Kazakh sign language, parts of speech, semantics, Sign Language Translation

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