Proceedings of the 7th OpenSky Workshop 2019

15 articles155 pagesPublished: December 23, 2019


Session 1: Flight Data Evaluation & Experiences
Pages 1-12
Pages 13-24
Session 2: Geovisualization & Localization
Pages 25-36
Pages 37-43
Session 3: Anomaly Detection
Pages 44-50
Pages 51-62
Session 4: Data Integration
Pages 63-72
Pages 73-84
Session 5: Anti Jamming
Pages 85-96
Pages 97-108
Session 6: Probes: Emissions & Balloons
Pages 109-116
Pages 117-128
Session 7: Transparency, Regulations & Compliance
Pages 129-134
Pages 135-143
Pages 144-155


ADS-B5, ADS-B compliance, ADS-B data, ADS-B MOPS, ADS-B Technology, air traffic, Air Traffic Data, Air Traffic Management, Aircraft, anomaly detection2, ANSP, Aviation emission, Balloon, black carbon, citizen science, Clustering, Complex Event Processing, computer vision, data processing, datasets, dynamic clock model, filtering, flight efficiency, Garbling, Geovisualization, Global Transparency Research, GPS location, implementation, Infrastructure, Jamming2, Kalman filter, Legislative Context, Localization, machine learning2, Mode-S, Mode~S, Multilateration, Open Aviation Data, open data, OpenSky, Opensky-network, Particle number concentration, Performance, probe, Public-sector research, Punctuality Fuel Consumption, pyModeS, pymodes-opensky, risk assessment, RTL-SDR, safety, Security3, spatio-temporal data, spectrum, surveillance, surveillance network, synchronization, TDOA, trajectory, Transnational Illicit Networks, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Validation Unit, visual analytics