Proceedings of 25th Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning

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abstract interpretation, action model, arithmetic, automated inductive reasoning, automated reasoning3, automated software verification, automated theorem proving5, bags, belief change, blockchain protocols, Blocked-clause Addition, bounded tree-width, btor2mlir, bv, call-by-name, call-by-value, certification2, choice, CNF formulas, concept alignment, confluence, Constrained Horn Clauses, constraint solving, CTL, cut elimination, Datalog, decision lists, decision procedure, deep inference, dependent HOL, dependent type theory, eBPF, epistemic logic, epistemic process, epsilon calculus, evaluation strategies, first-order logic, first-order theorem proving, formal methods, Free-Variable Tableaux, Fuzzy Logic, game semantics, Game-theoretic security, Games semantics, graph grammars, Herbrand sequents, higher-order logic, Hilbert's epsilon formalism, hypergraphs, incentive compatibility, Incremental SAT, induction, Inductive proofs, intersection types, knowledge representation, lambda calculus, large language models, linear logic2, LIRA, logic programming, logical frameworks, machine learning, MLL, modal logic, model checking, monadic second-order logic, natural language, non-linear integer arithmetic, nondeterminism, NP-hardness, parallel reduction, Portfolio of Strategies, Preprocessing, program optimization, program verification2, proof certificate, proof checking, Proof Schema, proof search, proof theory, proof transformation, proof translation2, proof-net, Proof-Search Procedures, proofs, propositional dynamic logic, protocol verification, quantifier elimination, quantitative models, Reasoning, recursive programs, relations, Resolution Calculus, resource logic, reuse, rewriting2, SAT solving, satisfiability, Satisfiability Modulo Theories, saturation, Saturation-based proving, Security, sequent calculus, sequent system, sets, simulation, Skolemization, SMT2, sorting algorithms, sorting networks, SQL, static analysis2, Steamroller Problems, strategy invention, Strategy Scheduling, superposition, superposition calculus, symbolic abstraction, symbolic execution, synthesis, system description, tables, theorem proving, theory combination, Theory Politeness, Trust, Tuple-generating dependencies, verification, virtual substitution, weakest liberal precondition