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Ethnomathematics and Realistic Mathematics Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 4984

10 pagesDate: February 8, 2021


Ethnomatematics (ethnomatematics) and Realistic Mathematics Education have similarities and differences. The problem that will be discussed in this paper is how the relationship between Ethnomatematics and Realistic Mathematics Education. After searching the literature, the relationship between ethnomatematics and realistic mathematics education is obtained as follows: (a) ethnomatematics was introduced in the 1980s and in Indonesia an ethnomatematic expert organization was formed in 2018, while Realistic Mathematics Education began in 2071 and began to be developed in Indonesia starting in 1998 (b) Ethnomatematics and Realistic Mathematics Education aims to make mathematics learning meaningful and enjoyable. But ethno-mathematics still has additional objectives, namely: to make students love their culture, (c) Ethnomatematics learning media is definitely a Realistic Mathematics Education learning media, but it does not apply otherwise, (d) The Realistic Mathematics Education learning model already has a standard syntax, while the ethno-mathematics learning model free to develop according to the culture or traditional games of the local area.

Keyphrases: Ethnomatematics, media, Realistic Mathematics

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