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Applications of Advance Drone

EasyChair Preprint no. 1089

10 pagesDate: June 5, 2019


 Drone is an unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV), it looks like a helicopter or an aircraft which operates without a pilot through various technologies, and are equipped with high-vision cameras, gyroscope, infrared sensor, GPS, and sensor information for controlling the flight. It was first invented for the purpose of attacking. The development of drone technology has been increased in past 10 years which led to the usage of drones in many outdoor and indoor applications. Still there are many applications to be explored by combining drones with other accessible, adaptable and emerging technologies, for example, cell phones, smart watches, and Internet-of-Things appliances, Artificial intelligence etc.
In this paper we reviewed the various applications of Advance drone like Forest Mapping, Application to crops, Aerial photography etc.

Keyphrases: aerial photography, Artificial Intelligence, Cinematography, Drone, Internet of Things, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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