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Review on Analysis of Structural Behavior of CFST Structures in Bridge Constructions

EasyChair Preprint no. 7162

19 pagesDate: December 7, 2021


Concrete-filled steel tubes are gaining increasing prominence in a variety of engineering structures, with the principal cross-section shapes being square, rectangular and circular hollow sections. Concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) structure offers numerous structural benefits, and has been widely used in civil engineering structures. This review paper outlines the structural behaviour of CFST structures, innovative experimental investigations conducted on CFST columns and the load deflection response characteristics of columns. More recently, the outer steel tube was replaced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) tube creating hollow-core FRP–concrete–steel (HC-FCS) columns which is also discussed in this review paper. A comprehensive summary of various analytical and numerical studies on modelling of CFST members is portrayed in this paper. Finite element analysis (FEM) is also done in order to predict the strength with a given set of data. FEM software used here is ABAQUS.

Keyphrases: CFST, FEM, FRP, Structural behaviour

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