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Digitizing Rollforming with Smart Sensors

EasyChair Preprint no. 784

6 pagesDate: February 20, 2019


Roll forming is a highly productive manufacturing process for complex profiles or precision tubes used in automotive, aerospace, building and many other industries. Shorter product life-cycles and increasing product customization require new manufacturing concepts. Digitalization enables companies to cope with these new challenges. Digitized machines and processes become one of the key factors in advanced roll forming. The application of smart sensors is a first step towards digitized roll forming. Edge devices enable the connection of different types of sensors in order to form smart objects which in turn can be assembled into smart factories. The better quality of collected smart data allows, for instance, the development of new roll forming applications and more detailed FE roll forming simulations. Higher flexibility in roll forming production and smaller lot sizes require new and fast methods for choosing the right roll forming line and setting it up. This paper presents a new model, based on FE-simulations without friction, for prediction of torques in roll forming lines, supporting the selection of roll forming lines or machine parameters. A semi analytic model is derived to predict the required driving torques of the rolls for different machine configurations without performing additional time consuming FE-simulations. The model is verified with data acquired by smart sensors installed in a 3D roll forming line. First results of this approach are presented and show the possibilities of the digital twin concept.

Keyphrases: Digitalization, FE simulation, rollforming, smart sensor, torque calculation

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