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Scalable Practicum for Active and Creative Learning in Science Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 9765

16 pagesDate: February 22, 2023


The Covid-19 pandemic has been becoming a challenge for educators to enrich their teaching with distance learning. Science teachers face their challenges in the pedagogy of teaching practical science. On the other hand, students face challenges in completing their practical courses due to pandemic warnings and geographical constraints that reduce their access to learn authentic sciences. This paper presents the results of research on student experiences in working on virtual lab applications that function as a medium for students to carry out scalable practicum. The application is basically designed to enrich student-teachers to have more access to science practicums in Universitas Terbuka. The results show that the virtual lab does necessarily proper in implementing the scalable practicum. Analysis of qualitative and quantitative research data reveals the effectiveness of virtual lab in linking pedagogical approaches with students' needs for practicum through the application of Scalable Practicum. The research suggested that the virtual lab provides excellent convenience for the students who do science practicum through Scalable Practicum. The study recommends further research with a wider scope and sample to get a more comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of virtual labs.

Keyphrases: distance education, Likert scale at 10-poin, online education, online learning, Scalable Practicum, virtual lab

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