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Branding and Repositioning Approaches for Hotels: a Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 1747

5 pagesDate: October 22, 2019


Over the years it has been observed that consumer needs and desires are constantly changing. Businesses investigate consumer behavior and then take actions to satisfy them while giving more value to their customers. On the other hand, the ever-increasing competitiveness and mass consumption are driving businesses to take action in order to help them survive and gain a good competitive edge. Many times, this approach deems it necessary to implement a positioning process, which in combination with highlighting a brand's elements leads to differentiation.

When the brand does not meet these market demands, then its consumption decreases, resulting in a decline. However, the company has the ability to modify the brand before it goes bankrupt and re-launch it with different features, after of course investigating what led the brand to this situation. In some cases, in which positioning was not done in the appropriate way, business often are driven to repositioning, changing many of the brand's elements.

Repositioning is a conscious adaptation to a changing environment, which represents a fundamental change in the value of the business. It can be described also as a parallel to the recovery as both focus on improving the business value proposition. Although the literature is not extensive, its meaning can be found in a wide range of strategic references. Repositioning has been seen as a key prerequisite for achieving change, as an element at the corporate level and as a strategic response to dynamic environments.

The study in this article is based on relevant literature and on a case study about the repositioning of the Plaza Hotel in Thessaloniki. Qualitative research through a semi-structured in-depth personal interview was used in order to find the necessary data and to draw the right conclusions. 

Keyphrases: Branding, CRM, Feedback (reputation) mechanism, hotel industry, online reviews, positioning, repositioning

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