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C-Shaped triple band MIMO antenna for GSM, Wi-Fi & Satellite applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 2010

5 pagesDate: November 20, 2019


A Compact MIMO antenna was proposed in this article. The designed antenna is compact in size with dimensions of 20 x 34 x 1.6 mm3.The patch antenna consists of two C- shaped elements facing each other and a hexagonal ring with a strip line which is placed in between the two C-shaped patch antenna elements. This model has a partial ground with mounted structures of inverted C-shaped strips, slots and a ring. In this model FR-4 material is used as substrate with permittivity (ԑ) = 4.4 and a loss tangent (δ) = 0.02. the proposed antenna is working under three bands, where the bands are under go condition of S_11≤ -10dB, those bands are 1.74GHz - 1.87GHz, 2.45GHz-4.15GHz and 9.62GHz – 11.13GHz with their respective bandwidth’s of 0.13GHz, 1.70GHz and 1.51GHz. The antenna can work in the bands of GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Maritime navigation, Aeronautical navigation(Ground), Radio location and fixed satellite services.

Keyphrases: Envelope Correlation Coefficient, high isolation, MIMO antenna, Ultra Wide Band, WiFi

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