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Traveling Waves in the Resting State Are Initiated by the Connectome

EasyChair Preprint no. 7788

3 pagesDate: April 14, 2022


The cortico-cortical (CC) hypothesis is the propagation of large-scale waves due to cortico-cortical axons (6 m/s), while the intra-cortical (IC) hypothesis assumes the propagation of traveling waves (TW) in the cortex on a meso-scale due to intra-cortical axons (0.2 m/s). Though latter wave speed is observed by EEG, MEG and ECoG recording, it is not confirmed by direct recording. A better fitting of the experimental data is reached by the results from the meso-scale (IC) model. Here we describe a close look at IC model using the MEG registration of one healthy right-handed subject. The distributions of the current density in the form of radial TW (0.2 m/s, 11 Hz) were calculated by the individual MRI. The forward model MEGs were compared with the 306-channel MEG recording for 9 minutes by calculating two-dimensional correlation (corr2-Matlab) each time shifting the analysis window by 2 ms. Our results show that there are changes in the position of the TW epicenters in the visual cortex. A multitude of epicenters of TW appeared chaotically, but strictly located in the calcarine and parieto-occipital sulci. Combining new results with previous study we can assume that cortical TW of the alpha-rhythm can be originated by CC connections that are elements of the connectome.

Keyphrases: connectome, cortex traveling wave, intra-cortical hypothesis, MEG

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