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Impact of Fragile Water Management Stratergies and Mitigation - a case study of Pune City, India

EasyChair Preprint no. 4053

14 pagesDate: August 18, 2020


The aim of the study is to know about the impact of water management system on the city of Pune due to the fluctuating monsoon. To achieve this, research study was carried out in exploring the factors which are contributing for this variation in amount of precipitation. For instance, improper urbanization and industrialization in the states such as that of Maharashtra is happening in a haphazard manner owing to the uncontrolled burst in population in the cities and town. To ascertain the impact caused due to heavy rainfall this study was initiated. Data of population of Pune city was collected as it is our study area for research. Based on the analysis it was clear that there is a drastic increment in last three decades. A survey was conducted and responses from people across the city were collected regarding the management of rain water as well as the issues faced during peak rainfall and it was analysed to evaluate the impact.

For analysis and identifying the regions that were most affected, SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) tool has been used. The survey responses collected were analysed using SPSS and various parameters have been compared to identify the relevant ones.  Based on the analysis of the data obtained from the survey it is concluded that in many regions proper rain water management strategies are not adopted and also rain water harvesting technique is not installed. This results in various problems like water logging, traffic congestion and improper drainage. 

The output obtained is conclusive on identifying the parameters that have crucial impact on the city during monsoons and if corrected, can bring a change in the rain water management strategies adopted and make Pune a better city to live in.

Keyphrases: 1.water management system", 2. rain water harvesting, 3. SPPS

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