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A Review on Investigation Parameter of CI Engine by Using ANSYS Software

EasyChair Preprint no. 7560

6 pagesDate: March 13, 2022


The availability of crude oil on the planet is limited, and the price of crude oil is rising by the day. This situation is creating a challenge for the engine manufacturer to manufacture an engine that will create less pollution and be capable of meeting future demands. The diesel engines are manufactured by considering diesel as a working fuel. The same engine, with small modifications, can be employed if biodiesel is used as fuel. Engine performance can be improved by performing engine simulation. Several studies have been published on the fuel economy and attempted to reduce the pollution level by varying the input parameters of the engine and fuel, which required a huge amount of money and time. An alternative method to overcome these limitations is the use of computer simulation techniques, which requires less time and money. Using these powerful techniques, it is possible to check the effect of changes in input parameters such as compression ratio, intake pressure, speed, structural and operational parameters at low cost and very little time. The focus of the present study is to review the different available models used for modeling of CI engines.

Keywords: CI engine, numerical modelling, combustion, simulation

Keyphrases: CI engine, Combustion, numerical modeling

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