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Artificial Superintelligence : AI Creates Another AI Using A Minion Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 3949

15 pagesDate: July 26, 2020


Artificial Super Intelligence or ASI that is more potent and refined than human’s intelligence. ASI is based on the ideas that machines can imitate the human mind, their way of working to the extent that they can even supersede them. As a first step, ASI aims to improve the cognitive abilities of the machines and to achieve this, the ASI will have to create many lesser robots/AI’s designed to perform specific task for achieving unified consciousness or intelligence. In this paper, we implement a “Minion” scenario where a central AI controlling multiple lesser robots/AI’s which have intelligence & consciousness of their own  and we have taken Self-Driving Car as “Artificially” created intelligent/conscious object without any “living” properties. We have implemented Obstacle Detection( deep learning ), Object Prediction( Kalman Filter ) and a Central AI controlling a Minion( lesser & alien AI/Robot ) which has intelligence of its own for a Self-Driving Car where it would have a variety of sensory inputs( environment perception ) and be aware of its surroundings. The test results are encouraging and self-driving car is therefore shown “Unified Intelligence(Consciousness as well)” of the given order since it has obeyed by controlling various lesser robots designed to perform specified tasks.

Keyphrases: artificial superintelligence, MinION, object detection, object tracking, Unified Consciousness

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