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Unified Approach to Modernizing Numerical Control Machines

EasyChair Preprint no. 6270

4 pagesDate: August 10, 2021


One type of CNC machines modernization is the replacement of obsolete electronic control units with more functional and compact ones, made on modern element base. Different implementers offer modernization options that differ in element base, programming interface, design, and many others. Therefore, there are differences in the preparation and loading of the machines control technology program, which requires the operator to know a variety of interfaces. This diversity makes it difficult to operate machines with different interfaces and also makes it difficult to integrate upgraded machines into a single technological chain. The enterprise becomes hostage to one modernization contract so that all other modernized machines work according to the same algorithm. The purpose of the work is to analyze the possibility of searching for a unified approach to modernize the CNC machines control system from different generations. A generalized structural diagram of the control unit implementing a unified approach to CNC machines modernization is proposed.

Keyphrases: automation of production, CNC machine control circuit, CNC machine modernization, control systems of CNC machine

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