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Analysis of Online Learning Challenges of Students at De La Salle Medical and Health Science Institute Amidst Pandemic

EasyChair Preprint no. 10630

23 pagesDate: July 29, 2023


In the midst of a pandemic, difficulties in distant learning were anticipated. Additionally, the students' struggles with the demands of distance learning in terms of pedagogical practice, logistics, socioeconomic constraints, technical literacy, and psychosocial aspects were exacerbated and clearly visible. The cross sectional analysis was conducted to identify challenges and experience of students amidst pandemic. The study involved 200 senior high school and colleges students, with ages ranging from 16-26 years old. As the result implies, the pandemic has also been found to make their issues worse, particularly in terms of the quality of their educational opportunities, their mental health, their ability to communicate with others, and their technical illiteracy. The greatest challenge specifically related to their learning environment. As a result, while participating in online learning, students may feel inadequate, uncomfortable, and unsafe at home. As per strength of distance learning, online learning helped ensure remote learning manageable, convenient, mobility and provide greater flexibility. With this understanding, flipped learning and HyFlex model were suggested strategies to incorporate foundational information and flexibility to students and teachers amidst pandemic.

Keyphrases: distance education, flexible learning, K1 Flexible models in education, K1a Remote teaching & learning, K1b Blended hybrid learning, Technology Enhanced Learning

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