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A Review on Load Balancing Algorithms Used in Cloud Computing

EasyChair Preprint no. 10405

7 pagesDate: June 15, 2023


Cloud computing is an advanced networking concept in the field of computer networking in which the computing resources (such as software, hardware etc.) are provided as service through the internet. The service providers manage all the required systems which they want to provide users on demand. The service providers need to manage all the demands by its customers efficiently with minimum delay while maintain the cost reasonably low to gain profit. However the managing of resources with demand is not so easy because of the complex load characteristics which depends upon so many factors which causes large variation  in load(total data coming into the cloud for processing) and the type of service requirements (like multimedia processing, database management technique. This paper presents functionality of cloud with some basic load balancing techniques and discusses some of the most recently proposed techniques.

Keyphrases: algorithm, Cloud Computing, resource management

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