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Measuring Turbidity of Water Based Photo Voltaic Cell and Laser Light

EasyChair Preprint no. 5234

6 pagesDate: March 30, 2021


this paper presents on the design and development of laser beam to measure turbidity of water and liquids. The method is done by applying laser beam on three samples (pure water, water with some milk and water with some juice), and measuring the residual of laser beam which penetrated through the sample. This penetrated beam was measured by a photo voltaic solar which received it and produced a very small voltage as an output proportional to the penetrated beam intensity. The produced voltage was read and calibrated to give NTU reading according to a sensor (photo voltaic solar) output is considered as an input to the control program. The controller which control and monitor the turbidity of selected samples was done by using Lab VIEW and Arduino board as an interface. 18 samples were tested, and only 9 samples were calibrated. The experimental results were satisfied and the proposed method achieved the paper objects with acceptable error ± 1.4%

Keyphrases: Arduino, calibration, concentration, Lab VIEW, laser beam, NTU, Turbidity, voltaic solar

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