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Regional Development of Enterprises: Concept of Sustainable Development and Data Mining

EasyChair Preprint no. 5599

7 pagesDate: May 24, 2021


Ukrainian enterprises are having a goal of get on with the concept of sustainable development. However, in the different regions of Ukraine there are various challenges, which needed to be considered in management of enterprises and organizations. Therefore important question is discovered about the main directions of developing enterprises, which will be relevant for a particular region. This study is highlighting statistic indicators, which characterizing the economic, social and environmental components of sustainable development of Ukrainian enterprises. On the basis of data about 1990-2019 years (2020 isn’t used due to the impact of the pandemic, which significantly affected these parameters) cluster analysis of dynamic of sustainable development enterprises of Ukraine by region is made. In the result of clustering regions were separated in three groups (clusters). Detailed analysis of the features of indicators of each cluster (group of regions) is made. On the basis of results of clustering recommendations about priority directions of increasing the level of sustainable development of Ukraine are discovered. Results of the study can be used in management of local enterprises and organizations in the certain regions to improve the level of achievement of sustainable development goals.

Keyphrases: cluster analysis, statistic indicators, sustainable development

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