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Term Paper on “A Novel Gesture Driven Fuzzy Interface System For Car Racing Game”

EasyChair Preprint no. 7445

4 pagesDate: February 9, 2022


This paper is based on define some gesture that is imitation of demotic movement. And the movement are tracked from the different types of sensors for monitoring them. Microsoft Kinect sensor pay of a human body remaining in its field of view with the facilitate of 20 joints, which is utilized for gesture recognition algorithm. With the help of knowledgeable data processing and recognition algorithms gesture input inaccuracy can be solved. Here the gesture recognition algorithm has been taken the middle field of Human-Computer interface that is how people interact with the computer. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the new area to achieve more intricate human machine interaction with physical feedback has been made possible by recent advanced resource, display & rendering technology. Gesture recognition is based on mimic of human vision system. The principle is differentiation the driving model presence of motion driven hustling games and its improved truth. The model which has been proposed here is Mamdani Type 1 Fuzzy Interface System. This system has been developed to give some real world environment for the simulator games. The output has been measured with respect to the skeleton movement which was responsible for key up and key down.

Keyphrases: fuzzy if-then rule, Key Press, Kinect 360 sensor, Kinect Skeleton, Simulator game

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