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A Review of Existing Disease Detection Techniques in Infected Plant Leaves

EasyChair Preprint no. 7299

14 pagesDate: January 5, 2022


Agriculture is actually a basis of economy and agricultural production. It is an important factor for economic development not only in India but almost throughout the world. As such, the yield factor and also quality and quantity of agricultural production are obviously playing very crucial part in the development of economy. Over the years, plant diseases and pests have become a very important determining factor for such yields because such diseases in plants stand as a major threat and hindrance in the way of higher yield or production in agriculture sector.

Hence, it becomes the prime task to properly monitor the plants from the very initial stage and detect the diseases thoroughly and find out the ways and means for controlling or removing those plants diseases, pests etc for obtaining better rate of growth of production and minimum damages of crops.

It is a fact that traditional methods are generally followed for motoring of plants as well as detection of plant diseases in particular. This process is no doubt very much time consuming, expensive and requires involvement of lot of expertise too. Hence, there is a need to speed up the process and automate the system of plant disease detection. It may be rather useful to develop an effective disease detection system by using image processing techniques or machine vision equipments based on deep learning method as well as feature extraction and classification tools. Different researchers have developed and applied various techniques for plant disease and pest detection and the potential of those methods has been reviewed in current trends and possible process of using computer vision and advanced image processing technique for detection of plant diseases.

Keyphrases: Deep Neural Network, machine learning, Plant Disease

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