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Weather Finder: An Application for weather forecasting

EasyChair Preprint no. 4823

5 pagesDate: December 29, 2020


This study shows an unique weather forecasting app that can help people to plan their day schedule as per condition of weather. Our weather finder and forecasting system does it properly on fingertips. As we know that android is growing very fast on mobile platform. Location based service is the fastest growing one. This service actually works on the method of observing the current location and then providing the information regarding that particular location. We have described a system that is android based weather app. This app provides various alerts of weather like, heavy rainfall, fog, smoke and also the wind speed type features. This app is client-server based application that uses a separate database to store the 5-days forecasting information about the weather. The application is supported by openweathermap API. This application will help a lot to the users to analyze the weather of a particular day easily.

Keyphrases: Android, API, location-based service

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