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A Survey on Crop Yield Prediction using Machine Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 5238

9 pagesDate: March 30, 2021


In a country in the economy of the nation, the agricultural sector plays an important role. Many advances in the field of agriculture have also been implemented in recent years. Serious research is taking place all over the world with the development of IoT, big data technology and machine learnings about how farmers and even the Govt are learning how to do so. While the fieldwork of agriculture can be classified and analyzed in different areas, such as crop management, ground management, weed identification, water management, yield man- agement, livestock management, we will concentrate on crop yield management because we believe it to be the environment in which a great deal of technical progress is going to allow the farmer to get his crop to his right level. In this article, we will study in particular machine learn- ing and profound learning methods of various researchers as well as their effect in the agricul- ture industry on crop yield management.

Keyphrases: Crop yield machine learning, deep learning, Precision Agriculture

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