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Secure Information Hiding Over Encrypted Image

EasyChair Preprint no. 3001

6 pagesDate: March 19, 2020


The steganography word is gotten from the blend of the steganos ,which means "verified, concealed or guaranteed", and the graphein, which implies "composing". The essential inspiration driving steganography mulls over is to prevent the disguised data from being to procured by unapproved individuals. With the ultimate objective to comprehend the basic inspiration driving the steganography procedures, there should be unimportant change in the example report. In this assessment, LSB system which is one of the methodologies for concealing propelled picture data is analyzed. In this assessment, another procedure for data stowing endlessly is proposed with the ultimate objective limit the progressions happening in the spread record while hiding the data with LSB technique and to make the most appropriate cover to make it difficult to get concealed data. The proposed strategy in this proposition is RGB pixel esteem based stegno-graphy technique. The claim to fame of this calculation is that we don't change the pixels like other stegno-graphy calculations aside from on the off chance that it is completely required.

Keyphrases: LSB, Pixel Based Steganography, RGBB

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