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The Interaction of Auditory Processing and Semantic Processing in Wernicke's Aphasia

EasyChair Preprint no. 6639

2 pagesDate: September 21, 2021



The auditory comprehension impairment in Wernicke’s-type aphasia (WA) is clinically challenging at the chronic state. A systematic link between acoustic-phonological processing and auditory comprehension has been repeatedly demonstrated at the chronic stage (e.g. Robson, Grube et al; 2013), however, similar associations with semantic processing have not, possibly due to small n, under-powered studies. This study collated data from a large group of participants with WA across multiple neuropsychological measures to explore the relationship between auditory comprehension, acoustic-phonological and semantic processing.


The dependent variable was auditory comprehension, derived from 4 published and unpublished comprehension assessments. Independent variables were: (1) Acoustic-phonological processing (frequency and dynamic modulation detection, word and nonword phonological discrimination) and (2) Semantic processing (non-verbal semantic association tests and written synonym judgement tests). 

Results & Conclusion.

A multiple regression model with main effects showed only auditory processing as a significant predictor of Auditory Comprehension (Beta = 0.857 (SE = 0.286), t = 2.996, p<0.01). When the interaction between auditory and semantic processing was included, this significantly predicted Auditory Comprehension (Beta = 0.813 (SE = 0.147), t = 5.536, p<0.001). When auditory processing was poor, better semantic processing improved Auditory Comprehension a moderate amount.  Retained semantic processing has only a limited capacity to compensate for a heavily disrupted input signal. However, when auditory processing was better retained, comprehension was supported by semantic processing to a greater extent.

Keyphrases: auditory comprehension, auditory processing, semantic processing, Wernicke's aphasia

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