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Education after COVID-19 Disruption

EasyChair Preprint no. 3431

10 pagesDate: May 18, 2020


Restructuring education after COVID-19 is the need of the hour. We propose a scheme based on four pillars and a binder. The four pillars are (i) flexibility (online plus public laboratories for experimentation), (ii) Cognitive, Social and Spiritual intelligence, (iii) resilience (bouncing back despite failures) and (iv) creative thinking & design thinking. The binder is lifelong learning. The binder strengthens all pillars with passing time making the system self-correcting which is innate instinct of every life form on earth. A structure based on biological intelligence can only face the real world and sustain the life experiences of all living beings. Libraries will become online repositories. Virtual laboratories play a big role in incremental understanding of subject matter. Humans have the most complex brain and the best ability to learn. Learning in humans continues since the birth to death. COVID-19 is a challenge we all must face and live in its presence. This challenge is inviting us to utilize all our creative abilities to survive and thrive.

Keyphrases: Cognitive Intelligence, creative thinking, Design Thinking., Education, Emotional Intelligence, flexibility, lifelong learning, Resilience, Spiritual Intelligence

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