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A Study of Green Supply Chain Management in Pulp and Paper Industries

EasyChair Preprint no. 2645

5 pagesDate: February 12, 2020


With the increasing competition to do good business, companies have already created many environmental issues. The stress on the environment is increasing as the level of energy and material intake is also increasing with increasing pollution from various sources, resulting in inadequacy of resources and dilapidation of the environment.

The purpose of this thesis is to create an agenda that can be used by supply chains, particularly in the supply chains from the pulp and paper industry, to develop inner strengths and faintness and external openings and threats to develop environmental policies to recognise. To identify what questions to use in the framework of the environmental approach, we first identified the environmental picture, which the pulp and paper industry is facing. We then used this and the principle of green supply chain management to explore how a non-integrated supply chain firm could become greener, and compared it to an integrated green supply chain firm. Our conclusions suggest that the industry is focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but there is still much effort that needs to be done. Hence as a case study the supply chain management of THERMAL PAPER MANUFACTURER ASSOSIATION INDIA is reviewed. THERMAL PAPER MANUFACTURER ASSOSIATION INDIA is an independent paper manufacturing company that offers good quality service for many distributors.

Finally, we therefore present an environmental deliberate framework to explain what strategic options are in this particular supply chain that can make them greener. The general environmental outline presented can be used as a strategic tool to identify environmental strategic options for the supply chain.

Keyphrases: dilapidation, Emissions, Inadequacy, strategic

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