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Topology Optimization of PKM for Enhanced Structural Integrity

EasyChair Preprint no. 13220

12 pagesDate: May 7, 2024


This research paper explores the application of topology optimization techniques in the design of parallel kinematics mechanisms (PKMs) to achieve enhanced structural integrity and weight reduction. PKMs have gained considerable attention in various engineering fields due to their advantages in terms of high precision, stiffness, and dynamic performance. However, traditional design methods often fail to exploit the full potential of PKMs in terms of structural efficiency and weight reduction. Topology optimization, a computational design approach, offers a promising solution to address these challenges by systematically redistributing material within the design space to achieve optimal performance criteria. This paper reviews the fundamentals of PKMs, discusses the importance of structural integrity and weight reduction in their design, and explores the principles and methodologies of topology optimization for PKMs. Case studies and numerical simulations are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of topology optimization in enhancing the structural integrity and reducing the weight of PKMs while maintaining their performance characteristics.

Keyphrases: finite element analysis, Parallel Kinematics Mechanisms, structural integrity, topology optimization, weight reduction

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