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Durability of polyurethane - cement floors

EasyChair Preprint no. 593

8 pagesDate: October 26, 2018


The products covered by the common name polyurea were first developed and marketed in the United States in the 1980’s In the first period polyurea was used as a protective coating of polyurethane foam used for thermal insulation of roofs, and in the 1990s many other uses were quickly disseminated. In Europe this technology appeared in the second half of the nineties and the market for polyurea applications started to develop very dynamically in the recent years. Polyurea coatings, due to their extremely versatile physical properties such as watertightness, extremely high wear resistance, resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses, high elasticity and stretchability as well as resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, are increasingly popular, and more and more frequently used in the broadly understood construction. As a rule, the growing demand for technology fosters its development and enhances the knowledge of those who use it, so that it is used for its intended purpose, while maintaining security and enforcement procedures. However, in the absence of such knowledge, misconceptions about the use of polyurea spray coating technologies are emerging, both at the design stage and during the execution phase.

Keyphrases: cement floors, Concrete, Durability, insulation, Polyurea coatings, Polyurethane

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