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Implement Robust Nonlinear Control Techniques of a Wind System Based on a Dual Stator Induction Generator

EasyChair Preprint no. 9002

6 pagesDate: October 5, 2022


Wind energy is a source of energy that depends on the wind, is a kinetic energy of moving air masses around the globe, Wind energy is an indirect form of solar energy: the solar rays absorbed in the atmosphere lead to differences in temperature and pressure. The development of variable-speed wind technology and at constant frequency has today become a major area of ​​interest in achieving a successful rapid and global migration towards this type of energy. The aim of this work is to implement robust nonlinear control techniques of a wind system based on a double star asynchronous generator, to independently control the active powers and reactive exchanged between the stator and the network. The objective is to assess the relevance and performance of advanced control techniques, such as (adaptive fuzzy control, Hybrid control, control by backstepping, control by sliding mode, etc. allows to achieve the desired performance. These nonlinear control techniques applied on this type of system ensuring convergence in finite time and robustness against parametric uncertainties and external disturbances, which is one of the main contributions of this work.

Keyphrases: adaptive control, generator double star asynchronous, nonlinear control, nonlinear system, wind energy, wind system

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