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Modeling Team Interaction and Interactive-Decision Making in Agile Human-Machine Teams

EasyChair Preprint no. 6556

6 pagesDate: September 7, 2021


In a complex task environment in which team behavior emerges and evolves, team agility is one of the primary determinants of a team’s success. Agility is considered an emergent phenomenon in which lower-level system elements interact to adapt to the dynamic environment. One of the dimensions of team agility is interactive decision-making. In this study, we conceptually model individual team members’ interactive decision-making process for their taskwork; we observe how much the choices of one team member depend on antecedent decisions and the behavior of other team members. This also helps us understand how team members synchronize during the decision-making process in agile teams, especially when team members team up with a machine. To improve the understanding of interactive decision-making, we propose two modeling techniques: (1) quantum cognition for the taskwork decision-making processes and (2) nonlinear dynamical systems modeling for teamwork processes.

Keyphrases: AI, decision making, human-machine teaming, nonlinear dynamical systems, quantum cognition, Team agility

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