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Attendance Management System Using RFID Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 6175

4 pagesDate: July 28, 2021


This project is developed by using Radio Frequency Identification system and ID card to get student attendance. Now a day lecturer needs to use paper to get the student attendance. There was a lot of problems to get student attendance when using the paper such as cheating. This RFID project to help the lecturer to reduce the problem like by design automatic attendance using RFID and ID card. This project system was running by using the code of the student card to compare with the database in Access. Firstly, lecturer needs to fill the forms in an interface like lecturer name, student name, roll no, class etc. This process is important we need the information in this part to use in the next interface. In the next interface, lecturer needs to use the choose port and speed to make a connection with the RFID reader. Then the reader was ready, the process to get the attendance will get started. Students need to swap their card on the RFID reader and the code from the ID card to compare with the database in Access. When the code is matched with the database, the student information that like name and ID number will show on the interface and that information will trigger into a list. This list will use as student attendance. In that list, all information like student name and ID number will attach including the lecturer name, student name, roll no and subject. If the code is not matched with the database, it means the student in the wrong class or not registers in the subject. When those happen, the lecturer can register that student by using the registering form and the information of the student will be updated into the database.

Keyphrases: Attendance, passive tag, Reader, RFID

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