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New approach to the study of the impact of R&D&i Management System through the mining of the website.

EasyChair Preprint no. 85

2 pagesDate: April 23, 2018


Understanding the impact of the Management Innovation Systems in a company remains a challenge due to the difficulty of recovering all the activities around the innovation process. Does the company have increased its innovative activities, after the certification process? We can document outputs of innovation such as, projects increases, increased collaborations, awards and patents registered.... This information can be achieved only with traditional sources. But we would like to find a way to predict early deployment of innovation in the company, for this reason, we can use their web pages business to recognize and quantify these changes. The approach to the study is very new. We wish to study the innovation outputs in companies (before and after of certification), using information from traditional sources and also mining the website. • Business databases: Sabi (Dun &Brasteed , supplier for 2,000,000 Spanish companies and 500,000 Portuguese companies) • Patent databases; Global Patent Index (GPI) database of the European patent office . • European Project database. • From the website we would like to recover information about changes in the organization before and after the certification. To get the information from the web prior to certification you must track the information stored in the Wayback Machine. For that task we are going to use two softwares: IBM Watson for scraping and Vantage Point for mining text in the websites.

Keyphrases: Innovation Management Systems, Patents, tech mining, web scraping

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