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Adaptive Control of Flexible Marine Risers with Varying Length

EasyChair Preprint no. 1714

7 pagesDate: October 18, 2019


In this paper, a flexible marine riser with varying length undergoing the influence of the hydrodynamic force and an unknown disturbance to drillship is investigated. The governing equation describing the dynamics of the riser, the drillship, and the top hat is established based on the extended Hamilton’s principle. In order to suppress the lateral vibration of the riser, an adaptive boundary controller is developed. According to the Lyapunov method, the stability of the system under the boundary control and the adaptive law is proven. Finally, the efficiency of the proposed control algorithm is validated via the simulation results.

Keyphrases: adaptive control, axially moving system, Boundary control, Lyapunov method, marine riser, varying length, vibration suppression

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