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Wind-Diesel Hybrid Design Project: a Case Study of Masirah Island in Oman

EasyChair Preprint no. 7056

4 pagesDate: November 20, 2021


Single or no transmission line network connected to the power grid is the major characteristics of rural area power supply; resulting in unreliable and unsecured power supply. While in villages or islands that are off-grid, stand-alone
systems are the alternatives energy generation procedure used. Recent penetration of renewables into the power generation has enable its application in both urban and rural areas in order to minimise cost, and make the system more reliable and secured. Thus, integrated wind-diesel hybrid power system with pumped storage system in a remote island of Jazirat Masirah in Oman would be of high benefits. Different wind-diesel hybrid systems were designed and analysed using HOMER software, in a bid to find a better and lasting solutions to the power problem of the island while considering the economic and technical benefits. It was found that, a hybrid system comprising of two E-48 wind turbines, one diesel generator set and one pumped hydro storage can meet the island’s load demands at a cheaper rate by producing output power of about 9.3MW.

Keyphrases: Annual capital cost (ACC), Average AC, Cost of Energy (COE), HOMER, Hybrid energy system, Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

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