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Biocompatible Materials for Microfluidic Applications: Enhancing Performance and Biomedical Compatibility

EasyChair Preprint no. 11554

8 pagesDate: December 17, 2023


Microfluidic devices have revolutionized various fields, particularly in biomedical and analytical applications, due to their ability to manipulate minute fluid volumes with precision. The efficacy of such devices heavily relies on the materials employed, especially in biomedical contexts where biocompatibility is paramount. This review delves into the advancements in biocompatible materials used in microfluidic applications, emphasizing strategies to enhance both device performance and biomedical compatibility. The selection of materials, such as polymers, glass, and hydrogels, is crucial for ensuring compatibility with biological entities, preventing adverse reactions, and enabling seamless integration into biological systems. Addressing challenges associated with biocompatibility, including material-cell interactions, biofouling, and leaching of toxic compounds, has led to the development of surface modifications, coatings, and novel material compositions. This review explores recent advancements in materials science, surface engineering, and fabrication techniques that contribute to the development of biocompatible microfluidic devices. The integration of biocompatible materials not only ensures compatibility with biological samples but also fosters the development of next-generation tools for diagnostics, drug delivery, tissue engineering, and personalized medicine with enhanced performance and improved clinical relevance.

Keyphrases: Biocompatible materials, Biomedical Compatibility, microfluidic devices

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