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Estimation of Morphometric Study on Shetrunji River Using Remote Sensing and GIS

EasyChair Preprint no. 1508

7 pagesDate: September 13, 2019


This research is focused on study the morphological characteristics of Shetrunji river which is located in the district of Bhavnagar, Amreli and Junagadh, Gujarat, India. The co-ordinates of the Shetrunji basin is 21°00'N to 21°47'N Latitude and 70°50'E to 72°10'E Longitude. In this watershed, maximum stream length of this river is 122 kilometer, relative perimeter is 9.53 meter, whole catchment area is 4582.83 square kilometer and it is divided into 9 watersheds. Downloaded remotely sensed SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) satellite images from earth explorer, USGS to prepared drainage map, slope map, drainage density map, and digital elevation model map using ArcGIS 10.2 software. The Shetrunji is found as a 5th order river and stream frequency is 0.08 per square kilometer. The mean bifurcation ratio is found as 3.32. The drainage density and drainage texture of the basin are found as 4.36 km/square km and 0.77 per meter respectively. The elongation ratio and circulatory ratio of the watersheds varied from 0.626 and 0.249 respectively. Similarly, the form factor and shape factor for the basin are 0.253 and 3.247 respectively. The relief, relative relief, and relief ratios are 558 meter, 1.16 kilometer and 4.57 respectively. Each morphometric characteristic is considered as a single parameter and knowledge based weight has been assigned by considering its role in soil erosion. The other morphometric properties determined for this basin as a whole and for each watershed will be useful for the efficient planning of water harvesting and groundwater recharge projects on watershed base.

Keyphrases: ArcGIS, Morphometric Properties., remote sensing, SRTM

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