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Aging and Long Term Care: the Reality of Two Countries in Europe - Portugal and Denmark

EasyChair Preprint no. 4876

12 pagesDate: January 8, 2021


The current context of long-term care for the elderly with dependence is of particular interest in terms of population aging and health policies. The pre-sent study aims t characterize the reality of the elderly with dependence in the Portuguese and Danish context in relation to their sociodemographic and health characteristics; compare the frequency of long-term care in the two countries; understand the possibility of the occurrence of long-term care by informal caregivers (ICS) who may or may not be part of the household of the elderly with dependence. A cross-sectional study was developed in Por-tugal and Denmark through the Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), in 2015. Descriptive statistics were used, with chi-square test and bivariate logistic analysis. The results demonstrate the reality of the population aging that occurred in Portugal and Denmark, as well as the diffe-rences and similarities between the two countries regarding the care provided by ICS. The context in which care is provided by caregivers depends on the country where it occurs. Is imperative to take a new look at informal long-term care in both countries, as well as thinking about health policies in the face of aging

Keyphrases: Denmark, Elderly, informal caregivers, long-term care, Portugal

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