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Design Of Agro Wastes Bricks For Tribals

EasyChair Preprint no. 7690

6 pagesDate: April 2, 2022


Agro waste which is increasing day by day becomes eyesore and in turn pollutes the environment, especially in villages where no waste disposal system exists. A large amount of agro waste is being generated into the tribal regions are discarded or burned which leads to the contamination of environment and air. Hence, these waste are to be effectively utilized. Agro Waste are added with soil at particular percentages to obtain high strength bricks that possess thermal and sound insulation properties to control pollution and to reduce the overall cost of construction; this is one of the best ways to avoid the accumulation of agro waste. The agro waste is naturally generated in surplus quantity and hence the cost factor comes down. Hence in this thesis, an attempt is made to study regard the properties of the brick which is manufactured using agro wastes. The present work deals with the manufacturing and analysis of bricks made with waste and soil. The bricks produced are light weight, have smooth surface and fine edges, do not have cracks and have high crushing strength and very low water absorption.

Keyphrases: Agro waste, Brick, compressive strength, environment, water absorption

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