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E-Assistant for Your Food Services in Pandemic

EasyChair Preprint no. 7250

4 pagesDate: December 22, 2021


: In today's digital world, the use of internet forums and applications has grown to an almost universal level in almost every activity related to our health. Many people now rely on various desktop  applications and other e-assistants (such as google assistant, Siri, hound, almond) for their daily activities. In a similar vein, this research paper proposes an e-helper that meets all of human nutrition-related needs. It offers all the resources from finding ingredients, preparing and cooking recipes to finding a restaurant near your food delivery options. this e-food helper works well even in situations such as the covid epidemic where all other delivery facilities are not available, one can easily cook a restaurant as food with its help. This recipe app works on consumer desktop as a collaborative desktop app. The proposed program uses real-time indicators of food ingredients, and recommends recipes related to known food ingredients. Thanks to visual recognition, by simply pointing the camera built into the desktop in the ingredients, the user can cook the related instant.

The purpose of this proposed program is to help cooks decide on a recipe for groceries or kitchens. In the current application, the system can detect multiple types of food ingredient in 0.15 seconds, and in this application we can make any recipe according to the person's number and we can also say that it will give the result according to the person's cooking number. any recipe.Online food recipes are an important source of information for many individuals, who use these to learn how to cook new dishes and choose their meals. The project has been implemented using JAVA SCRIPT , HTML , CSS and some uses of API

Keyphrases: cookbook, food, ingredients, recipe, search

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