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Development of Microfluidic Platforms for Organoid Growth and Vascularization

EasyChair Preprint no. 12385

10 pagesDate: March 4, 2024


Organoids, three-dimensional (3D) structures that recapitulate the architecture and functionality of organs, hold great promise for disease modeling, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. However, the successful translation of organoids into clinical applications requires the development of robust and physiologically relevant culture systems that can support their growth, maturation, and vascularization. Microfluidic platforms have emerged as powerful tools for achieving these goals due to their ability to precisely control the cellular microenvironment, mimic physiological conditions, and facilitate the integration of vascular networks.

This abstract highlights recent advancements in the development of microfluidic platforms specifically designed for organoid growth and vascularization. Firstly, it discusses the importance of recapitulating the native tissue microenvironment, including appropriate mechanical cues, oxygen gradients, nutrient supply, and waste removal. Microfluidic systems offer precise control over these parameters, allowing for the customization of culture conditions to enhance the growth and functionality of organoids.

Secondly, the abstract presents strategies for integrating vascular networks within organoids using microfluidic platforms. Vascularization is crucial for maintaining the viability of larger and more complex organoids by enabling efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery, as well as waste removal. Several approaches have been explored, including the incorporation of endothelial cells, perfusable microchannels, and biomimetic scaffolds within the microfluidic devices. These strategies promote the formation of functional blood vessels and enhance the maturation and longevity of organoids.

Keyphrases: Microfluids, organs, Vascularization

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