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Measures to Improve the Cyber Security of Critical Infrastructures in Brazil

EasyChair Preprint no. 2859

15 pagesDate: March 3, 2020


In the current context of global interconnectivity, cyber security of critical infrastructures (CI) is of utmost importance to private and public sectors. In this regard, based on the analysis of elaborated guidelines and norms, gaps were identified that may hinder the implementation of CI protection measures, facing threats of all kinds, affecting population well-being, economic power and contributing to weak country's reputation in the concert of nations. Considering the dynamism and the speed of technological evolution, this study aims to raise subsidies for the improvement of the cyber security of CI in Brazil, pointing out norms to be elaborated or adopted, good practices and strategic actions to be followed. The methodology used in the development of this work begins with a bibliographic and documentary research, through comparative analysis, pointing out the most relevant existing standards and initiatives, the diagnosis of the Brazilian situation including field research, a solution proposal and finally an analytical discussion of the proposed actions.

Keyphrases: Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, normalization

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