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Reasoning in Non-Normal Modal Description Logics

EasyChair Preprint no. 8444

18 pagesDate: July 10, 2022


Non-normal modal logics, interpreted on neighbourhood models which generalise the usual relational semantics, have found application in several areas, such as epistemic, deontic, and coalitional reasoning. We present here preliminary results on reasoning in a family of modal description logics obtained by combining ALC with non-normal modal operators. First, we provide a framework of terminating, correct, and complete tableau algorithms to check satisfiability of formulas in such logics with the semantics based on varying domains. We then investigate the satisfiability problems in fragments of these languages obtained by restricting the application of modal operators to formulas only, and interpreted on models with constant domains, providing tight complexity results.

Keyphrases: Description Logics, non-normal modal logics, Tableau Algorithms

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