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Numerical Analysis of Forced Convection in Rectangular Porous Channel

EasyChair Preprint no. 8370

6 pagesDate: June 26, 2022


A numerical study on forced convection through horizontal rectangular channel filled with porous material has been carried out. Flow is considered to be two dimensional, steady and laminar. Darcy’s law governs the flow. The top surface is subjected to the constant temperature and convective heat transfer whereas bottom surface is assumed adiabatic also the gauge pressure at the outlet surface is assumed to be zero. The governing equations and boundary conditions have rendered dimensionless. The three dimensionless parameters are Peclet number (Pe), Aspect Ratio (AR) and Nusselt number (Nu). The computational domain has been discretized employing finite difference method. Explicit scheme has been employed to obtain numerical solution. A code has been developed in MATLAB. Numerical experiments have been conducted for range of parameters, 1≤Pe≤10 and AR 1 and 2. Temperature profiles (Isotherms) have been plotted. Effectiveness (e) and Average Nusselt number (Nu ) have also been computed. There is significant effect of parameters on temperature fields, effectiveness and average nusselt number. As Peclet number increases, Effectiveness decreases and Average Nusselt number increases. As Aspect Ratio increases, Effectiveness increases and Average Nusselt number decreases.

Keyphrases: Darcy’s law, explicit scheme, Forced convection, porous media, Rectangular channel

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