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DevOps in Practice – A preliminary Analysis of two Multinational Companies

EasyChair Preprint no. 1553

8 pagesDate: September 23, 2019


DevOps is a cultural movement that aims the collaboration of all the stake-holders involved in the development, deployment and operation of software to deliver a quality product or service in the shortest possible time. DevOps is relatively recent, and companies have developed their DevOps practices largely from scratch. Our research aims to conduct an analysis on practicing DevOps in +20 software-intensive companies to provide patterns of DevOps practices and identify their benefits and barriers. This paper presents the pre-liminary analysis of an exploratory case study based on the interviews to rel-evant stakeholders of two (multinational) companies. The results show the benefits (software delivery performance) and barriers that these companies are dealing with, as well as DevOps team topology they approached during their DevOps transformation. This study aims to help practitioners and re-searchers to better understand DevOps transformations and the contexts where the practices worked. This, hopefully, will contribute to strengthening the evidence regarding DevOps and supporting practitioners in making better informed decisions about the return of investment when adopting DevOps.

Keyphrases: DevOps, Empirical Software Engineering, exploratory case study

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