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Mechanical Components Design for a Hybrid Assisted Regenerative Turbofan Engine (HARTFE) Configuration for Future Aircraft propulsion

EasyChair Preprint no. 10338

6 pagesDate: June 5, 2023


The concept of electrical assisted and electrical driven hybrid engines is gaining pace with advancements in electrical motors and Li-ion batteries. This research focuses on developing the design of an electro-mechanical system using components such as mechanical diaphragm for compressor shielding, electro-mechanical clutch, power transmission drives for hybrid-assisted regenerative turbofan engine or HARTFE configuration. The system could be a possible candidate for future Trent aeroengines to be mounted on the XWB-84 (extra wide body) configuration possibly in year 2035. Conceptually, the design of engine electrification technology for a triple spool turbofan is aimed at sustaining greener airline operations. In this research, the Trent (XWB-84) has been taken as baseline engine. The electro-mechanical configuration involves the design of a sensor-actuated mechanical diaphragm mechanism downstream of the fan for adequately shielding the engine core and thus bypassing requisite ram air during various phases of flight. The electro-mechanical clutch mechanism is designed for installation at a position downstream of low-pressure turbine and is further attached to a gear-transmission mechanism. The purpose of this complex mechanism is to disengage the high-power and low-power spools during taxi. The engineering changes are estimated to result in 100% electric thrust generation at taxi, approximately 3.0% at take-off alongwith 375 kg in fuel savings while completely replacing the 280 kg auxiliary power unit (APU), all at merely 2.43% in take-off weight penalty. This research further reveals that for integration to aircraft the engines shall have an aft-mounted configuration.

Keyphrases: compressor shielding diaphragm, electrical taxi, electro-mechanical clutches, Electro-mechanical Systems, hybrid-assist take-off, Hybrid-assisted regenerative turbofan engine (HARTFE) configuration, power transmission drives

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