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Review on Fibres Used in Bituminous Pavement and Their Behaviours

EasyChair Preprint no. 11740

26 pagesDate: January 11, 2024


Distress in the pavement surface affects ride comfort immediately and can also indirectly divert the driver, making it more likely that they will lose control of the vehicle and possibly cause accidents or fatalities. The goal of the study is to add a second flexible pavement patch to the current roads at regular intervals. Fibre like coconut and rubber make up an additional patch. This will contribute to increased road surface friction and skid resistance, which is beneficial for improving vehicle safety on the roads by lowering accident rates. In conclusion, the additional fibre in bitumen can improve performance and durability, cost-effective solutions & minimize environmental impact. To enhance performance, durability, and sustainability of flexible pavements, various surface modification techniques have been explored and developed. This paper showing a comprehensive review of surface modification techniques employed in flexible pavement design. The review begins by outlining the fundamental properties and requirements of flexible pavements, emphasizing the need for improved durability, skid resistance, and resistance to environmental degradation. It then delves into an in-depth analysis of diverse surface modification strategies, categorized into physical, chemical, and hybrid approaches. Physical modification techniques, such as aggregate interlocking, texture optimization, and the use of innovative materials like fibers and polymers, are discussed for their impact on enhancing pavement strength, flexibility, and resistance to distresses. Furthermore, the environmental and economic aspects of implementing these techniques are discussed, emphasizing the importance of sustainable pavement solutions.

Keyphrases: Durability, Environmental, FEA, FEM, flexible, flexible pavements, modification, Pavement, resistance, surface, Techniques

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