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Talent management and its outcomes in Saudi Arabia private corporations

EasyChair Preprint no. 84

10 pagesDate: April 23, 2018


This paper describes proposed research into understanding of the terms “talent” and “talent management” and their application to human capital management in Saudi Arabian oil and gas corporations, which faces two different, opposing challenges. One is the need for talent to manage firms in the competitive world oil and gas market, where new discoveries and evolution of extraction technology have increased supply, while environmental pressures are leading to reduced oil and gas demand. The other is the Saudi government’s Saudization policy -  replacing foreign nationals by Saudi nationals, particularly in managerial positions. These pressures create the need for improved talent attraction, development and retention, but efforts to improve these are affected by employee attitudes (commitment, satisfaction, engagement and motivation) and performance (high quality, sustainable improvement and profit). The research model is based on human capital management theories of competitive performance – the resource-based, knowledge-based and dynamic-capabilities views. The research will start with qualitative research (HR manager interviews), followed by quantitative data collection from employees by questionnaire. The results will include analysis of talent management practices, identification of challenges, and assessment of talent management impact on staff and on firm performance. Implications for improved talent management will be suggested.

Keyphrases: organisations, outcomes, Performance, Talent, Talent Management

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