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Modeling and Analysis of Accident in an Urban Area

EasyChair Preprint no. 9009

10 pagesDate: October 6, 2022


Every year, it is estimated that over 3,00,000 people die, and 1-1.5 lakh people are wounded in traffic accidents throughout the world. In this study we were doing accidents hotspot analysis of Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Accidental data at various places in a study area is collected from SP Traffic office and with the help ArcGIS software. In this study includes the accident analysis in which prioritization of some major places of hotspot area is done by the ArcGIS, with the help of two different method first is Getis-Ord Gi* and Kernel Density Estimation method. Each data point represents single vehicle accident. At the same location multiple accidents have been observed. To identify such locations where multiple accidents were reported (Black spots) by using Hotspot analysis in ArcGIS. The Getis-Ord Gi* statistics is calculated by Hotspot analysis for every accidental dataset. The present study gives a z-score value of 47.82, there is less than 1% likelihood that is cluster pattern which means, a greater number of possible of occurrence of clustered pattern that is 99%. And in the kernel density method we analyzed for hotspot areas using point feature in kernel density tool. KDE has classified the number of accidents as very low, low, medium and very high. Hence it shows both the methods adopted for accidental data analysis using Hotspot analysis tool are perfectly matching with results but kernel density is gives better result. The Hotspot analysis study Black spots were identified and in turn advised to government that identified location must be considered to take preventive measures to reduce number of accidents.

Keyphrases: Accidents, Getis-Ord Gi*, Hotspot Analysis, Kernal Density Estimation Method

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