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Review: Development of a Multi-Functional Nurse Robot for Enhanced Patient Care and Vital Sign Monitoring in Hospitals

EasyChair Preprint no. 10486

7 pagesDate: July 1, 2023


The goal of an active hospital is to improve patient care and lessen the strain on physicians and nurses by cutting down on errors. The major goal of this research is to create a Nurse Robot (NR) system that functions as a diagnostic tool and can be programmed with a multi-function manipulator to aid medical professionals and patients in healing more quickly.  The primary contribution of this research is the development of a multi-functional robotic system that reads vital signs in humans. We can use numerous sensors for the reading pins since the system is developed using an Arduino Uno board. Based on the input data, the output pins are utilized for the robot's interaction with the patients. The method of engagement will be to use the speaker to output sound. Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology is used to read the patient tag given by the hospital as the patient's identification, and infrared (IR) sensors are used to enable the robot to detect human availability, i.e., IR is used to recognize if the patient stands in front of the robot. The Dinamap 825 was the first commonly used automated electronic blood pressure monitor. The Intel 4004, Intel's first CPU, as well as an air pump, bleed valve, and pressure transducer were the main parts of the Dinamap 825. These devices were created using the oscillometric blood pressure measurement technique. The novel technology was a breakthrough, particularly for sick individuals for whom conventional blood pressure monitoring presented a challenging issue. The Dinamap Monitor kept getting better as technology developed quickly, eventually becoming quicker and more precise.

Keyphrases: Infrared, Near Field Communication, numerous sensors, Nurse robot, Vital signs.

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